F A M I L Y  T R A C I N G &  RE-U N I F I C A T I O N





PictureLetter The Social Affairs Bureaus inform Abraham’s Oasis of an abandoned or orphaned child. The child arrives with correct documentation and papers.

The first thing on our agenda is to find family, where the child was left, who brought the child, any papers found with the baby, the nearest church may be where the child was christened, Women’s Affairs Offices or Health Centres may know of a young mother who may have left in despair are all contact points and this is the first step in family tracing.

Once this is done our team of expert social workers travel far and wide searching for any possible link to locate family members who may be willing to receive the child with financial and psycho-social support from Abraham’s Oasis.

When we have reached this stage the home is visited and when found to be reasonable we commence the process for family reunification. In most of these steps taken the Social Affairs Offices are kept up to date and closely involved.

The final move includes a tri-partite agreement with the Social Affairs Office closest to the family concerned, Abraham’s Oasis and the said family. The agreement indicates the responsibility of each party. Abraham’s Oasis provide monthly financial support to the family, quarterly visits for psychosocial strengthening and ensuring the child attends school and that s/he is safe and contented. Social Affairs Offices are the government agencies ultimately responsible for such children.

On occasions the reunification fails, when this happens we search other avenues, and other family; once all means open to us have been exhausted the child is always welcomed back to Grace Village. For more information please feel free to contact us at:


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