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Sadly there are times when no family is found or if the child comes as a result of abuse for example a baby thrown away over a cliff, left at church, in a tea shop or close to a bus station brought with police reports as well as Social Affairs Offices letter, these children come and stay with us.

The child comes to us very insecure and vulnerable; the older child may be deeply hurt and confused not clearly understanding why they were abandoned or why parents have died and left then so alone. Whoever they are they need basic care, protection, food, counseling and an enormous dose of love and affection  that we provide.

A home environment
There are group homes at our principle site in Tabia Haftom where each home has one housemother per maximum of five (occasionally six) children. The housemother “Moxite” provides the main childcare; she cooks, prepares meals in her own kitchen and  the children sleep in two bedrooms. Ages are mixed to further create a home-like environment.

Older boys and girls live together separately learning independence skills to enable them to cope later in life, this includes basic cooking, laundry and cleaning skills under the close watch of the village supervisor.

Recreation activities
Games, football, simple skipping games, and imaginary games figure largely in the younger children’s repertoire; there is a playground where they can use swings, seesaws and climbing frames. There is trampoline and table tennis for the children too; however the favourite game for older children is football. Indoors there are toys and DVDs appropriate for ages where they can be together in their living rooms.

Health Supervision
There are a number of children who take anti-retro viral treatment and have careful follow up at the HIV/AIDS clinic from whence treatment is provided free of charge. These children live, play and attend school together in an integrated manner.

Growth monitoring  of the babies and toddlers is done regularly. Sick children are followed at the local health centre and / or Hospital. If needed they are taken for referrals in Mekelle or Addis Ababa. A number of our children have undergone surgery in specialist hospitals and have recovered nicely.

General supervision
The children attend various local schools in Shire town, this has created a more diverse atmosphere for the children enabling them to develop at their own pace.

Grace Village is home to highly vulnerable children and youths where oversight is given by the Director, a Psychologist and the Supervisor who also monitors the Housemothers. 

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