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KidsLertter Poverty is no reason for child abandonment and with psycho-social support most family are able to care for their children. To watch a child die because you can no longer feed him or cover the cost of medical treatment it heart wrenching.

To ease this burden through support, ensuring children can be treated at hospital level; basic foods and essential school supplies enable parents or extended families to meet the need of their children.

Psycho-social supervision also means that as an organisation we are able to monitor the children and ensure their basic needs are being met and that the concerned child attends school.

The children we supervise and monitor include:

  1. Children with their families after a period at Grace Village:
    This is the natural follow on of family reunification; quarterly visits from our expert social workers to ensure psycho-social sustainable solutions have been attained for the child. That the best possible educational provision is being made and that the legal rights of the child are respected (family inheritance regarding land etc.)

  2. Children recommended through Social Affairs Offices who need extra support coming from economically constrained backgrounds.
    Subsistence farmers, destitute mothers, parents very ill with HIV/AIDS or other illnesses often need a helping hand either temporarily or for longer periods to enable them to keep their children at home.

    Simple repairs for leaking rooves, a mattress for a sick mother. A few screws to shutters to keep out the rain and thieves, a little mud to fill the gaps in the walls of mud wattle houses. A small stipend to permit the child to attend school are all ways Abraham’s Oasis is able to reach out the community around us.

    Each referred child comes through Social Affairs Offices, in all aspect Abraham’s oasis seeks to comply with government policies.

  3. Children living on the streets of Shire Town
    As in most cities or towns the lone child, the run away from abusive homes or even the child seeking adventures roam the streets seeking where to sleep, a small mouthful to fill the empty tummy. Shire is no exception.

Social Affairs is pleased that we are willing to undertake this activity, however they are unable to provide us with any statistics for this project. We will therefore start with doing a simple survey to assess the number of street children based on age and sex are dwelling on the streets of nearby Shire Town.

Community based follow-up will increase as more and more children are reunified with some branch of their families, supporting them in their homes means less institutionalised children and more children to monitor in their remote homes. Mobile services will become essential to Abraham’s Oasis whereby our teams will travel north, east, west and south to ensure the safety and contentment of the children under our care. This is translated into vehicles, drivers and travel costs and children growing up with family in familiar environments and greater psycho-social stability.

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